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Etangs d'Ixelles

Etangs d’Ixelles (Ixelles Ponds) are two freshwater ponds in theBrussels municipality of Ixelles. The ponds we can see today are those spared by a 19th-century campaign of drying the wetlands of the Maalbeek valley between the Abbey of La Cambre and Flagey Square.

Sonian Forest

Sonian Forest – The largest and oldest of all the Belgian forests is only minutes away from the bustling centre of Brussels, which is easy to forget once you’re wandering these tranquil woodlands.  From the Iron Ages to the reign of Charlemagne the Sonian Forest was, foraged and harvested for food, shelter and timber for the construction of houses and ships.

Rouge-Cloître Abbey

Rouge-Cloître Abbey is an Augustinian abbey, founded in 1367. It is located in theSonian Forest, in south-eastern Brussels,  It was abolished in 1796. Today, it is administered from Auderghem, which is a commune of Brussels. This area on the edge of the forest, surrounded by lakes through which the Roodkloosterbeek (Rouge-Cloître stream) passes, has been called the Rouge-Cloître estate from the 16th century until the present day.